Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Difference Between Development and Undevelopment

Its unusual to see how little time you have left in your hands and you say to yourself that if only you had more time to accomplish, you would beable to complete your goal 'perfectly'. Like an exam, like a due assignment, or a meeting/interview at work. However, when you have so much time in your ability, you often like to leave your chores to the last minute where you get pressured to speed up your moves in order to catch up with the proposed time and date. This is exactly what I am going through, only I am rather eager to just finish this university semester exam so I can get this guilty and restless feeling off my back. I can only hope that all what I have done will give me the achievements I believe I deserve.

It is similar to when we use the above context in politics of local government. To have an overview between the developed and undeveloped nations, like the Western society of USA,UK, New Zealand, Australia or the pending nations working towards development like Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia; these nations represent the odds between what makes a country more successful than the other.
Western societies continue to proceed with developing the country. They will never stop their developments, discoveries and the individual rights of justice or freedom, and democracy. We can admit, as a western 'developed' society, there has been a time in your country that its government has fallen in the trap of being unloyal to the country's laws and in which politicians discredited what the governmental political party initially stood for whilst they were elected. However, since we go back to the concept of developed countries continuing to proceed through and into the future, we can adapt to the fact these fallacies that most probably have occurred at some point in the government can be pointed (and corrected) out by a fellow sincere member of the govt or more reasonably a fellow citizen of the country. Without these cautious citizens fearing their nation would be devoured by the horror of corruption, the so called Western societies would not exist as it is today. Take USA for an example, an approximate 60 years ago USA wouldnt be as it is today if it werent for its rising citizens who were to become aspired politicians and felt the country has gone under chaos and mistreatment (eg: slavery, racism). What made USA become what it is today? The US government may not be its best, but it is the people of all kinds who can now have more freedom than they ever could 60 years ago. Why? It was because of the people who helped stop the civil wars, the racist beliefs and violence.

In the Middle East, countries have begun to spring out of its nests to seek more opportunities. Saudi Arabia has recently been trying to change the work life, the rights of people, and ability to self select council leaders within society. My thoughts here is, how is it Saudi Arabia which can be considered the home of terrorism today, can start to develop when a country that went through turmoil and reshaped its society by a 'democratic nation' cannot further develop its society in proper society?

We can analyze that one of the biggest reasons are the underlying terrorists that still exist within the borderlines and that makes it inevitably more difficult to track down because there may be a large number of innocent people who are not involved but it is that there is a lack of individual respect, safety from threats when citizens attempt to apply one of the 'main' freedoms to speak of any suspicious footprints to the centres of terrorism. It is that a country like Saudi Arabia has had power under the same family for at least 20 years now where it had a long time to observe the problems and admit them to correction as it is trying to do now. It, as a nation, has had so much time to think of an inner-reforming to proceed to better their country willingly, not enforcively.

Such countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, have not had the same time, management and decision making as Saudi Arabia or UAE, Kuwait, Jordan have had. These listed countries may not provide the best rights to individuality but they have something good that two powerless nations (Afghanistan and Iraq) dont have, and that is stability. The stability in Iraq and Afghanistan are weak in comparison to the mild strength of the stable government any other arab muslim neighboring country may have. Iraq for instance has not had enough time to work over the progress of a successful government, they not only have to work on improving the society in general but also their own government and this costs twice as much work, let alone the lack of time they are given to do all this and the unreachable stage to focusing solely on the fight against terrorism.

I can talk so much about this in detail but I believe it is not ONLY the fault of Leaders in the Iraqi government that cant provide Iraq everything it needs. It isn't the strength of the leader himself, it isn't just about how he thinks, or what religion sect. he is defending personally.
It is about finding the suitable strategy of controlling a war torn nation of 35 years to work on its society and also defend itself from its opponents, all this done with a limited amount of time more than it can bare to achieve. It is about working on a country from scratch, with people that do not have capability to worry about how they can help their nation grow in politics as much they do worry about how they will protect their family and make a living. As said before, day-to-day individuals play a great part in the successful processes of the long-term government. If individuals neglect their government and expect political members to make decision that think will befit the entire population, then they are wrong. Sometimes, it is really worth the effort to think about your plans of political stance in action more than the worries about safety or money at such times like this when the future looks all pale and gloomy. At times like these, at times like now in Iraq it is most probably the only way to help stabilize a nation with such limits it has.
Have a think about this as much as I have: What is the point of continuing your daily life working, going home and making money to feed your family while there are dozens of markets bombed, stores/companies and schools attacked and closed down and when there are thousands of these pernicious scum roaming around looking for more working citizens and families to murder ? Nothing.


At 6:16 AM, Blogger Gilgamish said...

yeah, the problem with iraq is that it is a divided country at the moment, and iraqis need to have this sentiments where one care about the other. I think the biggest mistake is having political parties based on religious affliation, Iraq has hardly had any leader that cares for its own people as a WHole, thats our problem. Well 3abd il kareem 8asem was a patriot Iraq, however if i was Assyrian I would not like him, since he suppresed them.

Also, b4 i go, I want to make a network made up by iraqis to repot on human rights abuses and also to probably work on the social level if we can make something work......what do you think of that?

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Baghdad said...

A patriot is one who would not hurt others like 3abd il kareem 8asem. 3abd il kareem 8asem was just as bad as Saddam may be but less of a lunatic to what Saddam really is.
I would not call a man a patriot who suppressed, tortured or killed Assyrians, or Kurds or Arab Iraqis. He broke the law of what a patriot really means and thereby he is not one.

Such a network is a great idea. I truly think Iraqis have amazing passion to make their country be greater. If this network is supported by Iraqis overseas and especially by Iraqis in Iraq, it would be a success to investigate the atrocities that are working against our nation and are done by the hands our citizens.
I am fully in support of your plans Gilgamish, keep me updated about it

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Also, b4 i go, I want to make a network made up by iraqis to repot on human rights abuses and also to probably work on the social level if we can make something work......what do you think of that?

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