Monday, January 29, 2007

What Cannot Be Erased

Here's a little tale about someone I know:

A middle aged Iraqi man had lived in Amriya Baghdad most of his life. Most of his children have left the country but he and his wife who are parents never saw life outside their only home in Amriyah. The years they spent working for it, the amount of money they put in can one expect them to leave when they know they may never see their home in one piece. This man is Sunni, his parents are Sunni and Shia and his wife is Sunni. One night, a bunch of kidnappers who were presumingly Sunni kidnapped this innocent man and was tortured by the kidnappers for being a Shia. As soon this man's family found out about his kidnapping and the reason for the kidnap, the man's family immediately took his identification and family birth certificates showing that he is a Sunni in hope to stop the kidnappers from killing him.
What continues to amaze me is how Muslims used to complain about how US troops use bags over Iraqi heads when they arrest certain suspects. This Iraqi man was blind folded and had a bag over his head the whole time this kidnapping took place and these kidnappers were not Americans, they were in fact Iraqi. The kidnappers initially asked only for a ransom from his family but when the man accidently caught sight or appearance of the kidnappers, the criminals who kidnapped him became very aggressive and wanted to kill him for what he saw. With faith and help from his family negotiating with these criminals, this man was reluctantly freed by the kidnappers. This experience enlightened him to 2 certain things; 1)He realized that life in Amriyah is too risky and that it is not worth staying. 2) The reason he found his presence to be of no benefit in Iraq is because when he caught a glimpse of these kidnappers, they turned to be just kids.
We may say these kids' acts must not be tolerated and thus disciplined to be taught properly but I think the kids that are forcing men and women of older ages cannot be disciplined the way Saddam's regime disciplined them and brainwashed these young kids in silence and blind obedience. It cannot be easily erased and for the least to say, it cannot be erased in the near future to help Iraq. Many elders who lived under Saddam and before him are not highly influenced as the young generation are. The young people are the future of a nation and the young are the people who will take over the nation from the leadership of the elderly. Saddam who was seen as a secularist did not teach secularism, he created a world of racism and discrimination and those teachings reached to the average Iraqi child which now help create differences between the Iraqi community today. This is what a section of the brainwashing Saddam's regime imposed and it has been the core of the problem in Iraq.


At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not forgive those kids for kidnapping anyone. They should pay were they to be caught. And not with jail time - and not with permanant gross debilitation. They should be horse wipped publicly. And if found that they were serial criminals - they should be held - and allowed to heal and then horse wipped each time for each criminal act. This saves years of tax money going to prisons - and gives them an ever lasting opinion of justice being handed out. They will forever think twice before kidnapping people - especially after 20 or 40 canings or whip lash wippings.
I was royally beat with a belt when I broke into my neighbors house at the age of 10. i never stole or invaded anything again. And I served no time in jail on the taxpayers dime.

At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those kids will be great suicide bombers someday.


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