Monday, February 12, 2007

The modification a Mended Man

Alot of us forget how bad and imperfect people Iraqis are like the rest of the world because we love Iraq so much like its some heaven thus, we fail to know some Iraqis can be such criminal, narrowminded, rude scumbags. Young Iraqis should learn alot more about the dark history of Iraqis implemented by Iraqis. On the second hand, Saddam was a CIA agent, sure...yes he was a product of the USA but who was the whacko who chose to be an agent of the USA? Who was the traitor who sold Iraq to the Americans long before Shia were ever thought of to support USA? Who was the one who created hundreds of thousands of Baathists even worse than the leader himself? Who was the leader who implemented training camps to train Iraqis to be blood thursty monger BAATHISTS who would slain innocent iraqis and cut them into tiny pieces to be food for the chickens or to be kept in a plastic bag package for the victim's family? I got the answer; IRAQIS.
Americans didnt do all the mess in Iraq for the last 50 years. America can be accounted for its crime but one has to admit that parts of Iraq are guiltier. Why dont we read some of our wonderful bloody history of Iraq and then find out how much bad people there are in Iraq. It isn't reasonable judging Iraqi history to be exactly the same as the present issues but surely, we can manage to learn some similarites and traits that are still contained in Iraqis today and how humans in the present and past find a common ground to repeat some acts in war and violence but not all.

How can a man become a product of another country than where he came from (Saddam being a US product) if he wasnt the reactants in what produced the product result? Think more thoroughly about it because I am saying Saddam is born and bred in Iraq, his originality, his teachings, his family are the reactants of the product of what pushed him to go to USA. Read about his home. Read about how many other similar stories occurred like Saddam's. There is a saying that is relevant. If you wanted someone to buy a bottle of milk, and when you got the milk in hands but spilt it then it is you who has to clean up the spilt milk. Apply that with Saddam and USA and you will understand how it can be a good strategy to achieve success. Make USA=you, in the prior sentence and Lets think of it this way. Saddam=someone who was asked to help buy the milk. Its like cleaning the dirt and mess you made on your own.There are all kinds of theories to success but unfortunately alot of the waste of time were failed attempts to overthrow Saddam and a sense of helplessness, many ways Iraqis think about how to solve Iraq but only one or two can be actually successful.
This is not a self-hating post, it is simply testifying the reality of history and the present and is in no way representitive of the entire iraqi population.


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must be a terrorist. I can read the evil propaganda between your lies. How many innocent men, women, and children have you killed. Your the worst sort of scum that exist.

George W. Bush
j/k good read.

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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