Tuesday, February 27, 2007


One of the mere ways to find out the truth from a report headline is to wait till the public's responses and the investigations die down to the bottom conclusion. The conclusion of the Iraqi woman who claimed to have been raped was nothing but a scam. Evidence can only show that she wanted the attention and probably had aims to influence the political stage of the Iraqi government's nvolvement with the US forces. a A diagnosis was made that there were no signs nor symptoms of rape and what ever thought she had in mind to get away with such a claim is absurd. I wonder what more Iraqis have in plan in trying to discourage the situation in Iraq and its internal chaos.
We finally got in contact with relatives living in kadhimiya a few days ago and there was nothing but misery from their voices. They cant leave their home shelters or even go out to buy food. Even supermarkets are targets, what is so striking about a supermarket to a criminal terrorist? What a shame in society... innocent people are continuously in danger even when they are sitting at home waiting for the chaos to calm down; if they step their foot out outside they can be doomed, if they sit at home then thats also considered a danger. What's more surprising is how Iraq's economy is flourishing by large. It now costs 600US$ a month to rent a small apartment in one of Baghdad's safest suburbs. 600US$? Can one believe if there is such a rent here for a simple apartment in the west? No body asks for such amount of money just to rent an casual apartment for a month. This is how bad Iraqis go in economy; they steal money more than they have to off people running away from the violence. Nonetheless, this money can be paid for if only Iraqi citizens were allowed to go to work in safety. The problems are endless but the solutions are limited because in Baghdad that is often not possible unless if the person is ready to initially commit a massive death note to him or herself just to get to the workplace. Many friends and relatives left their homes and are hiding in certain suburbs that are controlled by random militia fighting against outsiders who are willing to endanger the population living in that area. There is one thing I do not forget what my friend in Iraq told me; these are his words 'Many Iraqis are against random fighters who are not part of the governments national forces. We [Iraqis] are against insurgents, terrorists and militias but the only reason innocent Iraqis support them is because they have to, not because they WANT to. They are now pressured to aid their support to a certain religious or tribal background to protect themselves from getting killed by others. It is no longer easy or possible for Iraqis to be individually seperated from this mass of violence while being alive in between it.'
I guess there is not much to say from the above quote, is there? Maybe so..


At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have well analysed the situation. It is all very, very sad.

At 8:04 PM, Blogger Rajesh said...

There is enough for every one's need but for no ones greed.

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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