Monday, February 05, 2007

To progress Is To Also Forget

The following was written in regard to the relevant discussion of Iraq and America:
All nations have their flaws. My concern is how much more flaw Americans have in comparison to Iraqis and vise versa. Its about quality and thus quantity as well.
Baathists who raped and killed Iraqis are worse than Americans and foreigners ever would. We forgot those days where we end up finding ourself to be very deaf to the experiences prior to Iraq becoming the MAIN theme of the world Media (aka Iraq before 2003 war). It is just American this, nonMuslims that. To this day, Iraqis apply all the torture styles that had been imposed on the Iraqi population and this is not limited to the Baaathists. The electric drill-holes, the cutting tongues, pulling nails and cigarette burns are some of the work that continue to take place without neccessity of the primary Baath leadership. How could a new life and beginning proceed in Iraq if even the slightest remnant of the Baath torture styles have continued to drag on into the chapter of life without Saddam? I must wonder how...
I am very aware how USA is taking advantage of Iraq's vulnerability through possible promoting of sectarian violence and by using Iraq's resources as more Iraqis are murdered. While all that happens, many of us fail to mention how USA is STILL beneficial and loyal to the average citizen living in USA now regardless of how criminal they look to the world. And this is the sole reason what strikes me about USA. It is absurd to hear anti Iraq war protestors call out Bush to be like Saddam. Saddam and "Americans" are different, a simple reason why? Because Saddam NEVER cared for Iraqis but Bush cared and still care for their own people even during the presence of the wars he has created.
I emphasize so much honesty(improvements and critcism against my own people because I believe admitting our good and bad flaws will help us correct our mistakes we aren't aware; it is like closing previous chapters in order to permanently move to a new chapter that isnt parallel to the past, BUT of course Middle Easterners are so often obsessed about the past; you are an example of that and I can be part of that example too). I have always shared my truthful comments whether it contradicts other peoples' beliefs in politics and religion or not. It is the bitter side of conversations that many people in this world fail to mention.
Iraqis need to be freed from the ill extremists who are greedy for power, dictatorship and not justice. Those extremists are ALSO Iraqis. We need to look at the history of Iraq because we should look at how troubled Iraqis are finding themselves in. Iraq is not fighting the Americans only but fighting years of oppression that damaged Iraqis in so many ways UNimagined, but also the oppression that exists outside Iraq in the Middle East and certainly the religious and political influences from those neighbors. Iraqis are severely stuck between tribal, political and religious issues and values. Iraqis are using these tribal, political and religious issues and differences to fight for their own personal aim. No country has ever been THIS divided before in so many aspects. These are issues that American soldiers in Iraq do not have and have rarely experienced before.
To truly progress, Iraqis must look at the future and not use the past as an interactive strategy in building the future. How can Iraqis create and establish a new Iraq if they do not stop holding the past to their hearts that can easily transform to revenge? How can the present be clean if the past has infested the present? Iraqis should forget the past but take from their OWN history things that are neccessary to be learnt. They [Iraqis] will succeed if they build their future by making SURE that they will not make the same mistakes as in the past leaderships.


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