Monday, March 26, 2007

The Turmoil of an Oppressed Country

WIth the security plan taking the steps in changing the current situation in baghdad, a young man in the streets of Kadhimeya takes his ill mother by the hand to the nearest hospital. After a bomb struck his neighborhood, he said to his family 'any improvement that has been made and reported on TV is attacked by the criminals to make it worse than it was before. It is just a matter of them acting like rebellious children when they don't like something, they end up going against it under any circumstance'. A hospital, he says, is no longer a place to go to when you need the help from medical attendents; he went and saw a destructed unhygenic hospital with dead lying bodies of children and young men and women from all ages. He cried not for his mother but for these dead people who were mutilated into pieces from the attacks that took revenge near the hospital against any slight improvement. This young man who was recently married several months ago but has to share a small one room apartment with his mother, and both married brother and sister and their children. He so longed to leave this country like many fellow Iraqis but just didn't have the strength to leave his beloved home at such a state even when he is unable to go to work in this dangerous state. How could they survive with such little money in the rising rates of Iraq's neighboring countries in order to limit the number of Iraqis flooding their countries? How is it they don't t care as much about stopping these criminals crossing their borders over to Iraq everyday so they can ease the issue of Iraqi exile?

Having to bear the reality of his mother, it has become less of a reason to go to any hospital. Many doctors have left for the sake of their safety and the condition of reaching to a hospital with doctors who are capable of performing certain medical procedures are not available, at least not in Baghdad. The ill mother, my aunt, was once a strong woman who never gave up on the hope of seeing a bright future; the only thing that she had left was her home that has been taken by criminals, her job and her 3 live children. It is depressing not knowing that she is ill with a possible condition of Tuberculoriss or cancer that can be accepted, but it is the acknowledgement of knowing that she has to go through several diagnosis with no proper equipment or even anesthetic/ painkillers to help her get through the painful procedure. One would think how many like her and those in worse states are facing this misery? Does one not deserve to get satisfactory treatment for any human in a specialised venue, whether the innocent or guilty? Must hospitals be attacked because of treating sick people with a different ethic/religious background? What have hospitals done wrong? Do these hospitals acquire any illegal weaponry taken against these criminals that they had to destroy before it'd be used? This is what it has come down to; the corrupt huamnity of recognising how vicious they have become for attacking public places, the slaughter and war against humans who are not like to them by the slightest difference. There is little decency left in certain parts of this world; of which are obvious and others which are not. Iraq with much history of civilisation and the modernisation that once offered to the world thousands of years ago is falling apart which is taken over by the current tyranny, mass murder and the grounds filled with blood and vain. Maybe, just maybe, it is just a nation's phase of overcoming the past in between the transient present to aim for a golden future...or must that be too much of a fantasy...


At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really feel for your Aunt. The poor woman. As I feel for all Iraqis in these barbaric, dark times.

At 10:08 PM, Blogger Baghdad said...

Thanks Anonymous,

I am aware many Iraqis and other people around the world are facing incredibly worse issues in their lives. I wrote this only to remind myself that some people are taking others towards an unwanted miserable pathway of life..

At 8:03 PM, Blogger 2turk said...

The American/British oil barons plan to pilfer and steal Iraqi petroleum resources inorder to enrich themselves. A Jim Hightower animation addresses the issues.

At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know Bagdad I did not read the whole entry. But I read the comments.
I agree but if you do not develope hate the need to burns you in side. You musy let the fire out!! Today. Becuase your hate will not mean that you will produce the act of a criminal! Becuase you hate will not mean that you are bad. Part of hating is loving something. In order to love you have to also hate too. Hate these people that are bringing this kind of sadness and disapre into your life today. By hating them this can help you and others see each day more clearly.By hating the killers and maimers and destroyers of families you can find your true self. In some ways your words as the life of another that may not be some one eles life. But if my turn ever came in a life to have the choice to hate those who hurt the ones I love I will hate them with all my heart . You are strong, to say its OK is to say you are one of them. So think about it.
Life is lazy so why work at it.
Time Bomb cat

At 8:23 AM, Anonymous josh said...

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With peace,

At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Rajesh said...

Let us pray for a peaceful world.
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A handful of billionaires like Warren E. Buffett and Bill Gates have joined Democrats in calling for an elimination of the breaks, saying that the current system adds to the budget deficit, contributes to the widening income gap between the richest and the rest of society, and shifts the tax burden onto small businesses and the middle class. Republicans have resisted, saying the tax increases on the wealthy would harm the economy and cost jobs.

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It’s ironic that the Hudson Yards was born out of the loss of the Olympic bid,” said Jeffrey S. Katz, who owns three large development sites in the district. “At the end of the day, it turns out to be better for the city that the Olympic stadium is not there. We’re building a new, vital part of the central business district.

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India’s new private sector is increasingly powering the economy, but it chafes at what many companies say are labor laws that blunt hiring and stifle growth.

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Mr. Usackas said that concern for the women was central in the European Union’s

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But I’ve come to realize that this brand of school reform is a great deal only if you live in a wealthy neighborhood. You buy a house, and access to a good school comes with it. Whether you choose to enroll there or not, the public investment in neighborhood schools only helps your property values.

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Salafis set up tables in Cairo last week to hand out information about how to vote in the next round. The Salafis' party and its allies claimed more than a quarter of the vote in the first round.
For many poor Egyptians, the hard-line Salafis are an answer to condescending elites of all stripes, including the moderate Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.

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not be some one eles life. But if my turn ever came in a life to have the choice to hate those who hurt the ones I love I will hate them with all my heart . You are strong, to say its OK is to say you are one of them. So think about it.
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