Monday, April 09, 2007

Solution to Iraq, We Iraqis demand a change!

We Pray to God the almighty that he brings peace and justice to Iraq, and security and a prosperous life to the Iraqi people.The issue in Iraq is not whether we support the baathist or not, the game being played by the occupied forces is so the Iraqis are desperate to feel the need to go back to the old regime, this is what occupiers rub their hands on.On many occasions a comparison is being made between the old regime and the new one, from my opinion such a comparison cannot be fully adequate to perform results on whether Iraq is succesful or notThere are Iraqis who have not tasted oppression until post-war 2003 and there are those who are tasting freedom within thier own definitions.

One thing that is agreed upon is that saddam didnt do any favours to the Iraqis and certainly he did not build his country into an advanced modern pro freedom state. Instead he lead the country into wars and massacred as well as formed a secret agency to manipulate the Iraqis which led to sins such as fitna, lying, deceiving, killing, raping, slaughtering and so on..One cannot justify a crime by saying "they were forced" or "they were afraid", at the end of the day, a crime remains a crime. Until now the baathists are neither sorry to the Iraqi people neither do they claim they ever wronged, this is a clear indication to whom we are dealing with.In my opinion, the whole idea of working with the occupiers is very dangerous, many claim there is a civil war, i speak with Iraqis on a daily basis from Iraq and not one have even mentioned that there is civil war of the nature that we see on the western media.

If you all remember when the invaders came into Iraq, saddam, never resisted, infact he gave up very easily. what happened to the fedayeen? what happened to the army that led the country into 3 wars? the answer is simple, they are there in Iraq doing exactly what they were doing before, raping, drilling heads into people, slaughtering, kidknapping and so on. IF we were to believe that the militias were a threat to how the west perceive them to be, then why did the raping, killing, slaughtering continue even after al badr brigade, al mahdi army stopped thier operations? Why are these militias always linked to Iran? is it not a coincidence that the occupied forces suddenly want to attack Iran? do we as Iraqis not care to think about our country and letting any tom,Richard or harry rule ?Why is it that afghanis, pakistanis, saudis, syrians, sudanese and egyptians have to come into Iraq in the name of removing the occupied forces when they themselves have U.S presence in their very own lands. What is it that brings these creatures into Iraq? just contemplate the bigger and wider picture of Iraq rather than being emotional from one side or the other.

It is evident the world does not care about Iraqis, infact the hatred to Iraq and its people is so high that you get public statements nowadays on the media without shame supporting the killing of young Iraqi students.Inside Iraq at this moment is an enemy which is from all sides of the continent ranging from the baathists to the wahabi-salafis, you have the occupied forces in a large military presence and you have this claim that many muslims have in their head "its the jews".

The minute we wake up as Iraqis and defend Iraq as Iraqis for the Iraqis by the Iraqis is the day Iraq will be the fastest growing pro modern free country, not dubai, not saudi, not iran not britian not usa can keep up. This is the exact jealousy, hatred, fear the enemy has, its clear as daylight.If the government want to rehire baathists, this in my opinion is moving backwards, infact its going back to step 1, as what is the limit? who controls the limit? what other desperate needs are you going to try and fulfil? why is it the government lacks management and security as well as public support?

The ultamite prize is freedom, the way to freedom is by Faith in Allah(swt), we do not have faith in the occupiers, we do not have faith in the baathists, we do not have faith in anything other than Allah(swt).

If the americans want to help us as Iraqis then let them listen to what we want, not the other way round, I have 5 requests for the american administration as an Iraqi;

1) Change uniforms from U.S badges, U.S flagships to CLEAR well written writing saying" Peace force"

2) Retreat all soldiers to the borders, show us you care about Iraq and stop external countries meddling inside Iraq

3) Change ALL soldiers to policemen, soldiers do not make good police force, FACT, period.

4) Support the Iraqi people by giving them food, electricity, homes

5) Establish full command and control to the Iraqi forces with adequate equipment and play a supportive role to them if needed


written by the Anonymous..

PS: Happy Easter to all our Christian brothers and sisters.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger perry said...

"the game being played by the occupied forces is so the Iraqis are desperate to feel the need to go back to the old regime,"

That's about the most asanine conspiracy theory I've ever heard,and Arabs can come up with some real zingers. Occupation forces took the old regime apart at the seams. Disbanded the Army. Fired all the baathists. They couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together even if they tried.

At 4:02 AM, Anonymous Gary Ogletree said...

Conspiracy theories aside, he successfully gets across his main point, that Iraq can prosper and be free if enough Iraqis step up. Of course he has mixed feelings about the US occupation (as long as the government is dependent on us it is an occupation no matter how good our intentions and actions).

At 4:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am amazed how you can sit and criticise the US as our men and women are being killed and wounded for your FREEDOM. You sound as if you are an ungratefule child. How bout yall getting up and fighting your own battles. Stop the clerics from issuing Fatwas and killing your people as well. I hope and pray that we have not sent our son to help a ungrateful society not that you owe us anything but respect. STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN.

At 6:26 PM, Blogger Baghdad said...

Thank you for that inciteful statement Gary, you may be perfectly right :)
Perry, Im neither pro or anti war in Iraq. Iraqis didnt want the WAR in the first place because WE KNEW THE CONSEQUENCES but when we actually saw America come in, we were releived. We could NOT believe it. Again, Bush as the leader has to admit he hadnt PLANNED WELL for the aftermath of Taking out Saddam...why? coz there is chaos now which at some point Bush did not EXPECT from Iraq. THere is NO guarantee or certainty that USA is not helping the Baathists come back again in order for USA to look like it CLEANED up the mess and become sucessful in its aim of providing security and peace. The prime reason those brave American soldiers disbanded the army is because of self-defense, the army and baathists were not killed. They were CAPTURED, they are still alive in behind bars.

Anonymous, if you understand the stance an Iraqi is going through, it is NOT EASY for Iraqis to decide whether to be pro or anti war. If you READ my earlier posts, I am very glad USA came in but again, it does not mean I am happy that the slaughter from all sides of the triangle goes on while USA is in Iraq. You should read what I write before making statements about how I am against USA when I am NOT. I am not against USA, I still thank USA for taking Saddam out and letting Iraqis execute him, but there are no excuses to be thanking USA for what chaos it brought to our country after 911. Iraqis are both thankful and UNthankful for USA. Had OLD Bush attacked 12 years ago instead of now, the situation would have been much more progressive. Just because I posted something like that, it does not mean I am against USA or occupation, it is written by an Anonymous and Gary ogletree's post said it very very well, it may be a conspiracy but there is a good point I wanted to show you behind all of the confusion in the article.. Thank you.

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are more reports surfacing that the Iraqi army put up a fierce resistance at the Baghdad Airport in 2003 when confronted with invading US forces. I have read some reports that chemical weapons were used by the US against the Iraqis forces there. I have no idea of how true this is, but the war has been a long series of lies and misinformation.

I am inclined to believe it.

At 6:35 AM, Blogger Indigo said...

I just want to tell you that thousands of thousands of ordinary people in the UK do care about Iraqis (although our Government does not). Our Government's policy on Iraq - and its failure to help Iraqi refugees, so far - is making it deeply despised by UK citizens who make their voice heard in any way they can, eg in newspapers and from time to time on the Guardian on-line "Comment is Free" section.

At 7:10 AM, Blogger ARABIANA said...

sorry to say this but u are jus another iraqi that has been brain washed into thinking that all ur arab brother and sister are ur enemies and that the americans are ur true mothers and fathers

At 7:27 AM, Blogger ARABIANA said...

Anonymous read b4 u she isnt against the usa being in iraq..infact i havent seen sum1 more greatful to their occupier then her...u know actuly all the arabs are greatful to the americans for making the area from a knif heaven to a missile hell

At 9:58 PM, Blogger Baghdad said...

Indigo, thanks alot for your comments. Yes its become a problem for refugees from Iraq in several countries around the world and UK is one of them. Its great to hear you are voicing your opinions. Hopefully Iraqis can equally do the same to help the word spread from all sides.

Anonymous, if the Iraqi army used chemical weapons, the iraqi people would have known about it by now. If there are any justified reports on this news about use of chemical weapons in 2003, please send it through. Im more than happy to read it out of interest.

Arabiana, to generalise all iraqis in one little box is your abrupt pride of being Arab. Please get over yourself and try to understand what Iraq is going through. Arabs are not the best people and nor is any race the best people. Arabs have blood on their hands as much as USA could ever have and they are just as guilty as USA is for the mess in Iraq. Why? Because Arabs surrendered THEIR land to USA for MONEY and they are hypocritical in calling out death to USA. What a shame! Thats even more worse than Iraqis can ever state about the reality of USA in Iraq. Prime problem in Iraq is insurgents/resistors (Arabs from all Arab countries, Muslim extremists, Persians, and baathists). Prove me wrong and stop criticising people with rude names and discuss it like a grown up can with no essence of superior Arabism or Iraqi pride etc. Nationalism of this type is a POISON!

At 9:25 PM, Blogger ARABIANA said...

baghdad...first of all I'm not a nationalist....secound of all i didnt not say that arabs are the best nore do i have any sence of iraqi pride nore arab pride as there is nothing to be proud of....secound of all i said u are a nother iraqi...i didnt say all iraqies...

At 10:47 PM, Blogger ARABIANA said...

I understand wat iraqies are going through thats why aim speaking like this....cauz a small number of iraqies do not undersand wat the american government is is sucking out the main natural resoures of iraq i.e petrol..but yet the iraqies are not relysing wat they are trying to do...the thing wid the arabs is that they have problems wid there own selfs..we have the same history the same geographical area...yet we are not united.
and i belive that is the main aim of the enemies of the arab world..iam sorry if i was offences..and i dont have any personal problems wid any iraqi that think in the same way

At 1:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Iraqis didnt want the WAR in the first place because WE KNEW THE CONSEQUENCES but when we actually saw America come in, we were releived."

As an American, I would like to offer you my sincere apology for ever coming into Iraq. I was one of the Americans who initially was for going into Iraq, as hard as it is to admit it. At that time, it was impossible for me, and the majority of Americans, to ever think that people would not be willing to fight to their deaths for their individual freedoms. In fact, before the Internet, we had no way of knowing how any Muslim in the Muslim world felt about anything. We had to make the decision of going into Iraq on trying to put ourselves in your shoes and think about what we would want to happen if we were in your shoes. And there is no doubt about it, if the US were being ran by a brutal dictator such as Saddam, we would definitely welcome help from any country. We had help in getting our freedom and so did most other countries, but we had no idea at that time that Muslims did not want to take help from, I guess, mostly non-Muslim countries. Had most Americans known this at the time, we would have been against this war. And you are most definitely right about being angry because our ignorant leaders did not have a plan for after taking Saddam down. Most Americans are very angry about that, too. Please forgive us for having such an ignorant president at the time. He will be gone soon. We cannot undo what has already been done, so I wish we would all just think about what to do now. We can't always go by what the media in the world is saying, which is why I come to these blogs, but it seems like Iraqis are finally doing what they needed to be doing all along. Most Iraqis seem to be uniting now to fight against the terrorists who are in Iraq now. No matter what an army does, no matter how strong an army is, if the people in the country does not want their individual freedoms and are not willing to fight for their individual freedoms, it would be impossible for them to ever win their individual freedoms. "Ask not what my country can do for me, but what I can do for my country." John F. Kennedy

"THere is NO guarantee or certainty that USA is not helping the Baathists come back again in order for USA to look like it CLEANED up the mess and become sucessful in its aim of providing security and peace."

Of course there is no guarantee or certainty of hardly anything in this world, but as an American, I can come as close as possible to saying that the US would not be doing such a thing. And as you can see, it doesn't bother me at all to criticise our government.

"Anonymous, if you understand the stance an Iraqi is going through, it is NOT EASY for Iraqis to decide whether to be pro or anti war. If you READ my earlier posts, I am very glad USA came in but again, it does not mean I am happy that the slaughter from all sides of the triangle goes on while USA is in Iraq."

I understand why Iraqis would not trust us...or at least not trust our government. We don't trust our government, or anyone else's gov. I have yet to see a leader who was not corrupt to some extent. It seems to be human nature to become somewhat corrupt when given the least bit of power. The more power they are given, the more corrupt they become. This is why it is so important that the people, themselves, have control over their leaders, and you cannot have control over your leaders unless you unite and elect your leaders. So, I do think our gov is capable of being immoral and corrupt; however, I do not think they would be doing anything underhanded in Iraq with so many eyes on them at this time. Iraqis need to trust the US if they ever want to win this war. Our president is skating on thin ice, so to speak, as it is at this time. His ratings are probably lower than any other president the US has ever had. He knows Americans could kick him out of office at any time. So, I am sure he is watching everything he does and is being careful not to do anything else wrong.

"but there are no excuses to be thanking USA for what chaos it brought to our country after 911."

I understand you feeling this way. But, please, try to see it like most every free country has had to fight for their freedom. Freedom is not free. Anything in life that is worth anything isn't easy to obtain. The harder you have to work for it, usually the more worthwhile it is. Freedom should be something every individual is given in life but, unfortunately, that isn't the way it works. There are too many control freaks out there who want to control us. They are power hungry thugs. But with people interpreting religions differently and people having different religions, separation from religion and government is the only way to ever live peacefully unless you do live under a dictator ruling with an iron fist. Christians went thru this, as I am sure you know, for many years. The different demoninations were always fighting for the power. Muslims have been doing this for many years now. There is just no way an entire country full of people are going to agree on a religion and how it is to be interpreted. There is just no way people can live peacefully if one group is made to be superior over the others. This has never happened and it never will. If you've never had your freedoms, though, I suppose you do not know what you are missing. And I had never thought about it that way, but I suppose it's true. Personally, I would rather be dead than have to live under a dictator or someone else's religion.

I hope Iraqis will someday find it in their hearts to forgive us and realize that the American people only wanted to help free you from what we saw as a tyrant, oppressive, control freak. We only hoped to give Iraqis much better lives and sincerely thought that Iraqis would gladly fight for their freedoms if they knew they actually had a chance to obtain their freedoms. I will be praying for you guys.

At 2:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ARABIANA said...
"sorry to say this but u are jus another iraqi that has been brain washed into thinking that all ur arab brother and sister are ur enemies and that the americans are ur true mothers and fathers"

Arabiana, I think it's just the opposite - Iraqis have not been subjected to the same propaganda most Muslims in the Muslim world have been subjected to for many years now. Most Iraqis are educated, intelligent individuals who do not easily fall for the propaganda the Muslim terrorists/ extremists constantly spread in their world. This propaganda has not been ingrained in the minds of Iraqis since day-one as it has been in the minds of most Muslims in the Muslim world. So you're going to find that you have a harder time getting the Iraqis to fall for this crap. I think they are smart enough to realize that if they do fall for it, they will find themselves living in a Taliban-style country, which would even be worse than living under Saddam. And why shouldn't he/she believe that some Arabs are her/his enemies when she/he sees them blowing up innocent civilians on a daily basis? This is one thing you cannot put a spin on. She/he doesn't have to like the US being in Iraq to hate the fact that some of her/his neighbors are purposely killing many Iraqis on a day-to-day basis. I cannot believe you would expect him/her to feel that it is perfectly okay for these Muslims to kill many innocent Iraqi citizens every day and I cannot believe that you accept it as being okay.

"cauz a small number of iraqies do not undersand wat the american government is is sucking out the main natural resoures of iraq i.e petrol..but yet the iraqies are not relysing wat they are trying to do"

I get so sick and tired of people like you holding your oil over our heads. Our gas is probably higher than it's ever been. If gas was all there was to all of this, why didn't we just leave everything alone? We were already getting oil from Iraq via the food for oil program thru the UN. Everyone with half a brain cell knows that if oil is the issue, then we should never, ever make a move in the Muslim world unless it is absolutely necessary. Number two, we do not suck anyone's natural resources from their countries. It is just as beneficial for people to sell their oil as it is for the people who buy it. The west does not steal oil from the Muslim world. We do not set the price for oil. Supply and demand sets the price. We are working very hard now to try to find an alternative to oil. The western world is very sick and tired of people like you holding the oil over our heads. Unfortunately, when we do find an alternative, it will be the Muslim world who greatly suffers. And even if we did not find an alternative to oil, if we did not buy our oil from the Muslim world, the Muslim world would suffer much more than we would. Considering both benefit from buying and selling oil, this argument is more than ridiculous.

"...the thing wid the arabs is that they have problems wid there own selfs..we have the same history the same geographical area...yet we are not united.
and i belive that is the main aim of the enemies of the arab world.."

I thought the main aim was the oil? This is an even dumber argument than the oil argument. The west only wants peace in the world and for everyone to get along so we can live in peace. The actions we have taken over the years prove this to be true. We rebuilt Germany and other countries so they would prosper, be successful, and we could all live in peace. It has been proven time and time again, if people are prosperous and successful, they generally will not attack others. Also, look at Japan now. If the Arab Muslim world would have helped the Iraqi people get rid of an oppressive, brutal leader in the first place, the west would not have had to step in. It is no secret that Saddam tried to have one of our presidents assassinated. It is no secret that Saddam's main goal was to do harm to America as soon as he was capable to do so. The world is much better off without Saddam. Instead of wallering in your propaganda BS, why don't people like yourself stop playing the blame-game, admit your problems are no one else's fault but your own, so you can finally begin to resolve your own problems before they affect others in the world. I mean, did one single Arab Muslim ever try to help the Iraqi people??? If you cleared your minds of all the propaganda you live on and began to live in reality, then the west would not have to step into your world to try to fix it in the first place. Until people like you learn to live in reality and face what the real problems stem from in your world, you will continue to live as you always have lived. You cannot fix a car, can you, unless you look at the real problem of why it has failed to work? When and if the Muslim world finally stops wallering in their propaganda, stops playing the poor, pitiful victim that can never get anywhere because the west or someone else is always holding you back, and when you learn to admit your failures/ wrongdoings/mistakes are no one else's fault but your own, this is when you will finally begin moving in the right direction.

"iam sorry if i was offences..and i dont have any personal problems wid any iraqi that think in the same way"

I hope you do not mean you do not have any problems with Iraqis if they think as you do, because there are always going to be many people who think very differently. When you have almost an entire country of people believing exactly in the same way, then this is a surefire sign of being brainwashed. This is exactly how most of the Muslim world is. They walk around repeating the very same things from their learned propaganda just like a bunch of programmed robots (brainwashed). Until you understand that there are always going to be many people with many different opinions/ beliefs and that they are entitled to have those different opinions/ beliefs, you will never be peaceful, successful people.

Living on propaganda/lies and teaching your children to hate from day-one and hating many people in the world and never forgiving anyone may get people somewhere for a short time, but in the long-run, these things ALWAYS lead to nothing other than self-destruction.

At 8:31 AM, Blogger Baghdad said...

Arabiana, I respect your views but lets leave it at that. I do not write to just thank USA, I also write to express the views that many people may not be able to see within all the hate and war. I amy talk on behalf of Iraqis and for Arabs because I am an Iraqi myself and I admit what is denied COMMONLY by people. I hate to be a nationalist, everyday I live in the west and try to think of myself as a human only. The only difficulty with trying to act as a human and to forget youre Iraqi is the news you get from the family you have in Iraq who are trying to survive between the WARS. This is not 1 war, it is many wars from many sides.

Anonymous, thank you for your comments. I will say this however:
What ever reason Bush attacked Iraq, I don't care. As an Iraqi, I dont. Many Iraqis dont care anymore. What we care is whether we will see Iraq in the future, how will we forever leave Iraq and never see the same Iraq our parents and our grand grand grand parents they saw, how will we raise our children to have that culturism and tradition in Iraq?
Iraqis were not simple minded, they were not simpletons, they were not thick, they were smart before Saddam's oppression became severe. To this day, Iraqi families who were able to live in Iraq and that left it are open minded to the point that family members disagree with each another about poltitics and religion yet still be at peace. In our hearts when we lived in Iraq, many used to take the risks to name Saddam nicknames like Fawzia to talk about him within the walls of our house, we were never quiet until the oppression hit hard on us too much and for too long. Being oppressed for such a long time makes you "Mute" and thats what made Iraqis into today, Mute and fearful.
You said 'Iraqis need to trust US if they ever want to win this war', maybe you are right and maybe you can explain to me what will happen if Iraqis do trust the US? How will it improve the situation if Iraqis put more trust in US? I also ask, have Iraqis not trusted US? Are not Iraqis being trained by US soldiers? So many real stories I have heard from Iraqis in the green zone about the way Americans treat Iraqis at work that it has become incredible to have faith that US does want to solve the BIG problem and the half of the time, I see hope from the US trying to help the situation by the security plan, construction etc. I try to be neither against or for this war, I am aware of the ill treatment from the US and also the ill treatment from the Iraqis, Arabs, extremists who are hurting Iraqis as well. It is not just USA who has brought UNwanted consequences to Iraq.

However, I will also tell you something else you have to think about very very well.
Iraq was a land of its own, the land of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilisation. I am not being prideful and there are times to wonder why we Iraqis have pondered so much sadness, hard times. Iraq is not just a piece of land, it is a land that MANY people want. Iraqis like me would say 'who cares about the oil, take it, Iraq can live without the oil as simple people' and we do. I still remember a man when I went to Iraq before the war who said 'let them take the oil far from us, we do not need it. We can still live without it for better peace.'
This was said by famous writer majoring in Middle Eastern studies "If Iraqis wanted democracy and Peace, they COULD have had peace and democracy long before USA ever could. Iraqis still have traits of the people from the cradle of civilisation to make peace come true but it is unfortunate that it cannot happen due to the richness of the Iraqi soil lying around the Eurphrates and Tigris that many people have set their eyes and greed on, from the past till now.
I hope that tells you something very crucial....

At 11:30 PM, Blogger ARABIANA said... not put words into my mouth...u are anouncing things that u might think that i think of....but that is not true..first because iam british....secoundly iv been ma whole life in England never been to iraq in ma life nore any middle easter arab country so how could i possilble think like "them"..i think the truth that u cant face

At 1:53 AM, Blogger ARABIANA said...

Anonymous ...I would jus like to make sumthin clear that there is a diffrence between the american people and the american wen i write amrican, i mean american governament... america is a great place..but the fact that they are been lead by a dum person is not there fault although they voted 4 him....i do not blaim the american people for any thing that is happening in iraq...& as u said "We cannot undo what has already been done"..that is the most truthful thing iv heard...all of us have to look forward to see wat is best 4 da iraqie....but i must say one thing, but i do not want any one to undersand me saddams time in my oppinon iraq was a better place iam not saying it was goob but iam saying it was better then now...why??? because at that time if u were wid saddam i.e not against his governament, u would live great( i mean live like a king) so long u were not against him...but now iraq looks like a land that is on fire but the more water u put in to stop the fire the worse it gets....there is a war between shiites and sunies...that was never there in saddams time...did u hear about the wall they wana builed between the sunnies & shiites..since wen was dar a diffrence between sunnies & shiites heaves sake were all muslims..oh and not to mention ower christian brothers & sisters...the christian girls wear hijab so that the muslims wont know that they are christaina and attack them!!!!!....bush did not know that all this was going to happen he though that, hes jus gana go in to iraq get the petrol and go..but hell no...and pple who say that bush didnt go into iraq 4 petrol go and read his autobiography..and read the fact that he has a petrol company.....may good bring peace to this world..ameen

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an AUSTRALIAN, I marched AGAINST the war in Iraq. I never swallowed that BULLSHIT which George Bush vomited over and over about Saddam causing Sept 11, and Iraqis being on the hijacked flights. It is sad that some Iraqis also believed the lies.

I marched against the war because I saw Saddam Hussein, awful as he was, like a cork in a bottle of explosives, holding together a volatile country in an IRON FIST.

Bush has uncorked that bottle, and the rest is history.

The war will continue until Bush is out of office at least.

The only way Iraqis can get peace to their country is to unify into one great force...and push out the invading forces.

At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peaceniks like that Aussie always have some idiotic after-the-fact criticism to say, so they can assume the moral high ground. It's really too bad they're incapable of suggesting any solutions, or coming up with anything original to say. As for you, Aussie, if you're a "true" Australian, I think your ass-kicking ancestors would be embarassed at what a milquetoast you turned out to be. Ditto the the American apologists.

Iraquis will prevail this latest in a long line of horrible things happening to them, because they've done so already. As one Iraqui complained to me: "They understand freedom but not responsibility."

Well, when the coalition leaves, someday, maybe responsiblity will sink in. Or not, who knows? The overall will of the people, or the will of cowards like the Aussie and the Apologist American, will prevail. The presence of foreign troops there only delays this outcome... but I think the Iraquis are tired of being denied the "good life," and for good reason!

Oh, and thanks for the Easter greetings! That was very much appreciated!

At 8:09 AM, Blogger Mildred said...

We are setting up a new website called as a place for people to discuss what should be done to solve problems. I would like very much to include your ideas about Iraq. Would you be willing for us to republish your post there? You can email me at, or post a comment here...


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