Monday, June 25, 2007

Validation of History

Nothing seems to encourage me to post these days other than noting certified history. It is not dead innocent people or the destroyed artifacts remaining in Iraq that is marked as history for the future generations and which promotes me to write. I avoid writing the sorrows and pain of Iraq and prefer to write the persistence and range of possibilities that could occur in the near future. Nothing can really bring back these dead people or the wonders of Mesopotamia that stood high up with pride and wealth. Nothing makes me want to post other than pushing forward the lit torch at the end of a tunnel that can be seen as prosperous to the current generations and to the future generations who may look back upon history and say 'yes, history may repeat itself and with hope, goals and justice can be claimed'.
This is what encourages me to write, to hope that maybe I look back on my writings and see that those were the days we were all waiting with eagerness to see a greater future than what it is assumed to be.
Nothing can erase the tender feelings of the Iraqis in Iraq who see a criminal they were once afraid to displease, be judged for his cruel acts. One may think that this event of justice will not serve to be a success for a stable Iraq but the reality is, when Iraqis in Iraq we talk to whether family to friends, hear this credible occasion, we sense the regain of hope in the sounds of their voices and the transformation in their outlook of life. Had any Iraqi citizen thought that although their government appears a failure, they have achieved to finally see a dictated regime be displaced with its leader and members being accounted by death for their acts within 5 years of this invasion? Some may have different opinions but the more these members are taken in court, the more clarity Iraqis should have to act against the current crisis. Its unbearable seeing the thousands of Iraqis wanting to leave their home, yet it is with their right to plan for this decision. However, leaving home would only guarantee that the land will be neglected and dominated by criminals that many of us never want to ever see control Iraq. Leaving home means our nation will never come back because without the will of the people in support, in persistence for this democratic or free leadership, how is Iraq to witness success in its rule when no Iraqi is able to stand up against those in government who claim freedom whilst having the pride and ego of an unloyal citizen. It is in every human government prone to mistakes that a politician can make crime and it is our responsibility as citizens to ensure that it will not take place. This cannot be apprehended if there is no loyal Iraqi who still lives in the country. A country that promotes itself to be different than the rest of the Middle East and even more so better needs its people to support and to be actively concerned with the fate of the government, not only to live their day as if current problems did not exist. With the news of Chemical Ali and the absence of Saddam Husseins' presence in court, it uplifts the spirits of the Iraqis who desire to see a change in their country, it prevents young Iraqis from taking part in the random violence that occur in the streets and encourage them to be patient or to use their knowledge more widely to helping this justice and to work for their future. These are things many people fail to remember because the reflection Iraqis attain of such events are abandoned by the media. With this announcement about a member of the former regime and the contribution of the Iraqis, there is only more to be done and less to be lost. This is a sharper turn in Iraq's history; it is the change or the transition of completing the prior chapter in Iraq's history and the start of a new one. That vital transition should not be missed.


At 7:30 AM, Blogger M.H.Z said...

It's a very wise corner to look at things from, and I guess, Honest loyal Iraqis who stay in the country are essential to make a brighter future, but it's not the only thing in an Iraqi mind now? right? I mean it's a great strategy to try and focus on the brighter future and leave the sorrows heal themselves, but practically it's much more difficult, and the Iraqi mind has reached a state where thinking of what next to personally do is really hard, could we help each other to take the next step? I hope that's possible.

Peace, Mohammed.

At 1:28 AM, Blogger Bubzi said...

Hi Mohammad,

Very well said, You are correct. I have thought about this myself too. It is not easy, it is like gaining the fitness of a human body with great intensity and muscle effort. Or like trying to get a dream job when starting right low at the bottom. This can change, perhaps, if Iraqis start to picture a brighter Iraq and try working for it not only by just living their days but also by contributing to this picture or image.
Alot of people are focusing on what they should do to get away from the mess, and I dont blame them but leaving this mess, will mark a permanent scar that will sacrifice the land they lived on, and the people they once lived beside. In such difficult situations, it is common to forget the consequences because of fear from others and concerns for themselves. But we should really focus on how to go against this consequence(bad result) by making it unreachable to reality. I hope that made sense :)

At 5:44 AM, Blogger M.H.Z said...

It made perfect sense, so I conclude, that what we have to do next, is to try and think clearly about how to resist that, and bring in to life a cause that gets Iraqis to stay, not by force, but any other way.
Am I on the right track?


At 3:35 PM, Blogger Bubzi said...

The answer to your question would be 'generally yes'. Once this opportunity to resist is lost, it will be lost permanently in my opinion because the invaders who are not only USA and allies are already trying to exterminate Iraqis and they are doing this with the collaboration of local Iraqis, may they be militias, gangs or Baathists.
We have to think clearly of what we want, to sacrifice our land for our lives by living overseas or to retain in our land and give it one last try. Nothing comes easy..

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