Monday, July 30, 2007

Victory And its Worth

The victory of Iraq in the Asian Cup 2007 is a wonderful achievement. Within 5 years of a disasterous nation continuously at war before and after the 2003 war, Iraq has shown its persistence through the sucess of winning the cup. Although, many Iraqis have lost so much hope in the future of their country, winning the cup was something always possible in the minds of Iraqis. The Iraqi team was not far from getting close to this hope because they have passion to win something under the name of 'Iraq'. To win victory in the political masses of the new-born Iraqi government has always been controversial when considering the diversity of Iraq. What Iraqis have become, after the years of oppression and the risks in this war, has carved the personalities and mindsets of Iraqis variably. But there is one certain thing most Iraqis agreed and that was the Iraqi soccer team.

About 20 people in Iraq were killed in the quarter finals and consequently 50 people were killed in the semi-finals. Because of many Iraqi mothers who fear their childrens' celebrations and happiness will risk their lives, Iraqis in Iraq have started to wish for the loss of the finals in order to spare the lives of the young Iraqis. It is not the success in Iraqi sports that matters to elder Iraqis any longer. It is the young light-hearted lives that Iraqis hope the safety for from this bloody disaster. Nobody wants to see a young life be taken away for expressing the happiness and patriotism one has for his country; but the reality is tens of Iraqis were murdered for a meaingless cause by these criminals only but to suppress the freedom Iraqis attained from outside Iraq through sports. For once, Iraq was able to push its way through to the top and it did it through a passion of sports and dedication to their country. Certain people in this world do not want to see this come to reality for Iraq, people who always despised the eagerness of Iraqis to aspire. There really is no logical way to stop the attacks on Iraqis unless through prepation to become independent from any form of reliance by a nation or group of people. Who-ever is behind these attacks involves a person of middle eastern background who may be achieving a living out of his duty or has certain affiliations with a anti-pro Iraqi unity group. What ever the case is, many Iraqis realize that it is not worth to achieve success when lives continue to be lost. Too many lives have been lost in the last 5 years and it is way too much for any nation to compensate. If Iraqis cannot unite on a simple soccer match, then how could they agree on a unified government? There will be no way out of it, if this is so.
It is not worth to wait for lives being lost or for a weak government to reach a decision. We now know that Iraqis can no longer trust their next door neighbors. However, this can change if Iraqis want to attain their peace without the necessity of the government. People from all nations should realize that what goes on within the government can only create more chaos among the local society and to save the people is to encourage an understanding that at certain ocassions like the Asian Cup, Iraqis must do their best to protect their people from any danger against any certain faction of Iraq. Unfortunately, this merely did not take place to ensure the lives of happy Iraqis to be safe from any wrong-doers. Iraqis after 5 years were each in their own world, in their own part of Baghdad worrying about their own personal problems. They had forgotten that to be protected from danger also means that they must deal with their neighboring suburbs of different faction, in order to retreive the peace on these special ocassions.

Segregating factions of Iraq doesnt solve the problem because it will only leave their younger generation with more problems to confront. Segregation by lack of communication or building walls must be done through an agreement otherwise there will be no difference living beside each others or having a wall built.

What has been inserted in the last 2 years is this new barrier Iraqis have created for themselves, a disability to communicate with each other from different factions. For an example, my own aunt couldnt have contact with her own brother, my uncle when both of them had lived in a suburb right beside other or her relative who lives in the same suburb as she does. Why create these barriers? Would these barriers serve for any difference of outcome if they were removed? Even with those barriers, criminals are still able to roam around and destabilize the situation. There would have been nothing to lose if Iraqis tried to sort out an agreement on these exciting ocassions because even when Iraqis try to seperate themselves, the result of death is still probable.
Millions of Iraqis from Shia, Sunni to the Kurds and Christians chanted 'Iraq Iraq Iraq', but many of these Iraqis secured by their local militia forces forgot the worry in protecting the people during their excitement and the use of weapons as means for celebration until it suddenly became sounds of pain and weapons of murder. Victory under one name and flag is not worthy if this is how is treated in a divided country.


At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the wonderful win by the Iraqi soccer team.
United you stand, divided you fall.

At 3:53 AM, Blogger mewmewmew said...

Hear, hear. There are good people in Israel, like there are all over the world. There were protests by Israelis last year when the Israeli Government started its bombardment of Lebanon. Some Israelis also protested the Iraq war.

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At 12:00 AM, Anonymous jeffrey said...

Israel been potray as bad guys when they are not. Congrats to them and yeah, united we stand. It doesn't matter where you're from,Iraq, Israel...

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At 11:05 PM, Blogger Frank stein said...

re were protests by Israelis last year when the Israeli Government started its bombardment of Lebanon. Some Israe

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